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Made in kyoto, japan


Shippan Redesign Project

Ambrotype was invented 170 years ago. Seeing its elegant process of picturing and the feeling of having the taken picture, we can say that it is irreplaceable to anything in present day. And, this is the project redesign ambrotype the irreplaceable staff.

Shippan Redesign Project ブレスト

Its goal is making ambrotype culture of photograph. In order to do this, we have to make an opportunity to know ambrotype, touching it, and to be a player of making modern ambrotype. Let’s create modern Ambrotype.

湿板写真 再設計 3D デザイン

Goal of Redesign

Preparation of creating a culture of Ambrotype

“Acquisition of technique” and “Procuration of tools”. It won’t be able to have more players of ambrotypes if we won’t get these two factors. We are ready to provide these by having workshops for techniques and create a system of providing tools stably.

湿板写真 材料 供給

The Importance of Tools

The original ambrotypes are at museum. We need to buy and redesign a camera which is not made as ambrotype from auctions if we willing to take pictures with ambrotypes. The parts and tools for photo lab also need to be create from 0, or we need to find alternative. The tool of ambrotype are already gone. When the tools are gone, the techniques are also gone. Creating the tools in nowadays is a step for creating the modern ambrotype. We decided to create the tools which is hard to do among any tools in the world.

湿板写真 カメラ 開発

Fabrication in Digital era

Originally, the ambrotypes were made by craftsmen with wood and metals. The exquisite structure is not easy to recreate or fix. We decided to create those more suitable in present days, not just recreate as it used to be. Which is made of digital technology from its design until its output ,and has high reproductivity and maintenance performance.


Take this to our Future

It is hard to take own eyes from the pictures of 150 years ago. Assuredly it is the same for the people of 100 years later if they see the pictures of modern days. This is a project bringing to those future. First thing first, we create modern ambrotype.

湿板写真 未来へ
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