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Made in kyoto, japan


Nowadays, we can see Ambrotypes only in museums. If we want to take pictures with Ambrotypes, we need to redesign with specific tools of a generation new. However, those tools are almost gone. No tools, no technologies and cultures. We are going to create modern ambrotype and bright it to our future by making the tools. Let’s start from making camera.

Making modern Ambrotype

Project theme

湿板 写真 カメラ
湿板 写真 再設計


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Akatsuki Photography is a photograph studio that mainly focus on taking pictures of promotions and families. Alongside its business, they are running projects related photography. Recently, they focused on learning techniques of old photography, and expand their projects to tell those techniques which will last to our future. Pursuing, spreading, and sharing the possibility of photography.


The group of designers seeking the way of solving problems by collaborating the knowledge of Design / Engineering / Software / Electronics. Designing and Innovating the new style of production by using the technologies of Additive Manufacturing and Digital Fabrication on a daily basis

ものづくり集団 新工芸舎

Akatsuki Shabou

New Craft House


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